Roberto Santana:
roberto @ python-und-co.de

  • ✓e-learning offer, in cooperation with OpenHPI
  • ✓and mentoring by professionals from the private sector
  • ✓Certificate from OpenHPI with regular participation
  • ✓The use of different hardware platforms
  • ✓Work with various operating systems
  • ✓Getting to know Python, Shell and Javascript
  • ✓Excursions and Events to institutions and companies
  • ✓Wishes of the participants will be taken into account
  • ✓Without Subscriber Fees
  • zur Anmeldung für 2020
We plan to work with the Wohnungsbau Genossenschaft Berolina a new course offering.
Registration under roberto @ python-und-co.de. Girls and boys from the age of 10 are welcome.

The house of Santa Claus

Welcome to Python and Co


"Playful programming began to learn" everything. The Hasso Plattner Institute of the University of Potsdam learning to e-learning platform OpenHPI is a Python course "Playing program" for the self-study. This is a strategy we use with kind permission of OpenHPI as a basis.
The course is designed for 20 days, we actually need but is almost always longer. But that's not bad.
We learn by means of e-learning the Python programming language to know and use both in a browser-based programming environment, as well as on real Hardware (Raspberry Pi, V-Server in the data center).
This, we are now set up and then use it. In the process, we learn how to deal with electronics and Linux.

Internet & Networks

We are dealing with the operating system Linux and networks based on Linux and Windows computers and the connection with remote systems.

We visit institutions, companies and research institutions, their tasks and work to meet and take part in Events in our environment.
In the past, we were already at:
  • Computer Game Museum In Berlin
  • The Museum Of Technology Berlin
  • Nets Exhibition - Science Center Berlin
  • Strato AG in Berlin
  • FU Berlin, Zuse Institute Berlin
  • TU Berlin, Long After the science
  • TH Wildau, student University
  • Tropical Island, Brandenburg
  • Energy Museum Berlin

We especially would like to thank the Hasso Plattner Institute of the University of Potsdamm, and is currently the Lichtenberger libraries for their willingness to help and support.

This open offer means: Each and every one from 10 years can come and participate. Younger children, we do not take in because they are simply overwhelmed and then the fun in the technology lose. That would be a shame.

This project is in the framework of the promotion of "Design - the digital workshop" the German Telekom Foundation, in cooperation with the JFF Institute for media pedagogy implemented.
Overview of events:
  • 2019-12-05  Design  4 Participants  For beginners: logic of electrical circuits
  • 2019-11-28  Design  1 Participants  Playing learn programming - Turtle graphics
  • 2019-11-21  Design  2 Participants  Learning by playing program - Strings
  • 2019-11-14  Design  2 Participants  Introduction open.hpi.de
  • 2019-11-07  Design  3 Participants  Label the Raspberry Pi
For More Information:

Energie-Museum Berlin

We prepare a new course in Berlin Mitte. Our first trip leads us to the energy Museum in Berlin.

Derzeit findet kein von mir
geführter Kurs "Spielend
programmieren lernen" statt.